There are many reasons why Victoria, BC is the best place for sober living and in being recovery from addiction. Whether you are new to recovery, or a person in long-term recovery finding (fun) activities to do sober can sometimes be a challenge! May people who have just completed residential treatment or are attending intensive outpatient treatment and residing in a sober living home may not know how to even begin having fun when they are not using or drinking. It can a be a process also of relearning how to do things that once included drinking or using drugs (like spending an afternoon at the beach) clean and sober.

Boredom is a common concern the staff at Mile Zero hear from clients who first arrive, and our team knows that there are many feelings underlying this initial sense of boredom. Many are new to the city of Victoria, BC and may be afraid of trying sober activities not only new to them in recovery, but in a new environment as well. Some may fear meeting new people, or asking for help. Regardless of the reason, the staff at Mile Zero Sober Living supports our clients to find recovery recreation and sober living activities that is a good fit for the individual.

So why is Victoria, BC the best place for sober living?

  1. Mile Zero Sober Living is located in James Bay, the most vibrant neighbourhood in all of Victoria.
    Steps to the ocean, this historic character home is easily accessible, within walking distance to the Victoria harbour, and the Beacon Hill Park. This park, includes a system of walking paths, outdoor recreation sites, plenty of space to throw around a frisbee, play a round of bocce ball, or have a picnic. Not to mention Beacon Hill Park is next to the ocean and they have baby goats. We don’t know anyone who thinks baby goats are boring.
  2. Victoria, BC is home to the largest recovery community on Vancouver Island.
    A sense of belonging is something that is often missing when an individual is in active addiction. With 12 step fellowship meetings such as Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, Co-dependents Anonymous and other peer to peer support groups happening every day, you can’t stay a stranger long in this city. Our clients are welcomed with open arms within these groups and lasting friendships are often built while attending these non-profit meetings.
  3. Recovery recreation opportunities are abundant.
    With Yoga for Recovery, Sober Sports, and a sober meetup group there are many recovery specific activities to participate in. Victoria, BC also welcomes a large number of tourists throughout the year and the recovery community benefits from having many fun activities right in their own back yard. Activities that can be enjoyed year round include: biking, kayaking, visiting the Royal BC Museum, spending time at the Legislature, seeing historical landmarks like the “Mile Zero Marker” (the official starting point of the Trans Canada Highway, and of course, the inspiration behind our name) geocaching, spending time at the Interactivity board game café, ocean walking along Dallas Rd, cruising Beach Drive on a rented scooter, and so much more.
  4. There are thousands of volunteer opportunities
    When people first come out of drug rehab or an addiction treatment centre, they may feel a bit unsure about what they are meant to do with their days. During active addiction, an individuals life can become completely consumed by engaging in their addiction, seeking substances, and thinking about when the next opportunity to use is. This pre-occupation leads to a disconnect from relationships, activities, and an understanding of what a person actually wants for themselves. Volunteering is a great way for individuals in recovery to be of service and spend time exploring what causes they care about. Volunteering can often lead to gained, meaningful employment. Being of service in this way gives individuals attending sober living an opportunity to gain a sense of purpose, build confidence, and become engaged in their community.

The team at Mile Zero Sober is passionate about supporting our clients to try new activities and find what makes them feel alive.

We are so grateful to be a part of the process that supports individuals in recovery to recognize their full potential and ability to regain a joyful, productive life. If you are ready to have fun while living sober in Victoria, BC please contact us today.