At Mile Zero Sober Living residents learn how to achieve balance in their lives through coaching and support.

The team at Mile Zero strives to create a seamless transition for individuals to reintegrate so that they may be productive members of society. Once our clients have successfully demonstrated the ability to maintain balance between their responsibilities in the house and working a program of recovery, they are encouraged to volunteer, or go to school. As they learn how to navigate these commitments, we begin the process of transitioning them to independent living. This process generally takes three to six months.

Sober Living – Pacific West Coast Style.

Mile Zero Sober Living is an eleven bed, co-ed sober living house located in the heart of James Bay, one of the most vibrant neighbourhoods in British Columbia; we are one block from the ocean, a short walk to Beacon Hill Park, and within walking distance to the Victoria Harbour. The recovery community in this area boasts a large recovery population, long standing 12 step meetings, and a supportive, connected community in which former and current residents of Mile Zero Sober Living flourish – in recovery.

Supportive & Therapeutic Community.

The fundamental principal at Mile Zero Sober Living is to create a safe supportive environment where therapeutic relationships can be built in the community, while simultaneously engaging in the treatment process. We believe in creating comprehensive systems of care, therefore we welcome individuals who have either completed residential treatment or are enrolled in Intensive Outpatient Programs in the city. At Mile Zero Sober Living we believe in creating individualized treatment plans to meet the needs of our diverse client base, while maintaining an environment with structure, support, and accountability to provide residents with the best chance at long term recovery. All residents are required to attend meetings and participate in a twelve-step program. Individual counselling is provided, as well as weekly in-house group therapy sessions, and daily morning meditation groups.

Mile Zero – A Safe Place to Call Home

We recognize that having an addiction can take over your life, or the life of a loved one, and is an incredibly stressful experience. Health and safety for yourself, or someone close to you, is your primary concern, however accessing affordable and comprehensive care is not a simple process. It has been a foundational understanding in the field of addiction treatment that people often need a direct intervention to stop the addictive cycle. They must leave their environment for a period and once stable, they can then return to their home environment. Often people in early recovery choose to make a fresh start in a new environment, and Mile Zero Sober Living can create the community based care system to transition into this new, exciting reality.

The staff at Mile Zero believe that recovery is possible for everyone. Read more about our dedicated team.

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